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As Neuroencoding Specialist I help you to "reprogram" your nervous system to default yourself to your best behavior. Messed up emotional and thought patterns can be replaced with a better code to near you towards your goals.

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"Jana is outstanding to work with. Genuine woman who really cares about getting the best out of you. I had so many realisations in working with Jana and she listens and understood me so deeply. I felt such a sense of relief and excitement for the future after getting through some of my heavy limiting beliefs. If you want to work through difficult emotions, I’d definitely recommend Jana."

Jonny Pardoe

n°1 Podcaster, Mindset Coach

"Jana has the talent to help others free themselves from their blocks. She excels so much in her coaching that I had the pleasure of having her speak at my coaching school!"

André Roberti


."[...] She was able to take the time to find the wound that was in me. Then we did an EFT session where she was amazing, she hooked up to me and said and released feelings that I was having, that blocked me, that made me suffer. After 15 minutes, she completely freed me from my demands, gave me joy, smile and excitement for the goal I had set for myself. Thank you Jana, you are an extraordinary coach"

Pierre Petruzzelli

Digital Creator

Meet Jana Antoni,

A Certified Elite Neuroencoding Specialist and Brain Trainer

Feeling stuck in the rat race and overwhelmed by the constant demands of leadership? Seeking peace of mind while striving to take your life to the next level? Jana Antoni, Switzerland's first and so far only Elite Neuroencoding Specialist and Brain Health Trainer, delivers Transformational Neuroencoding Proactive Coaching. She empowers leaders to achieve freedom, flow, and joy by bringing their brain, body, and mind into balance.

Jana helps leaders who are stressed, frustrated, and feeling unfulfilled in their careers and personal lives. Many feel misunderstood by those closest to them and are trapped in the monotony of daily routines. They ask themselves, "Is this all there is?" and struggle with breaking free from the cycle of stress and dissatisfaction.

Jana's Neurocoaching is designed to help leaders recover from past challenges, reconnect with their true selves, and rediscover their life's meaning. Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, or fear, Jana provides the tools and guidance needed to manage emotions effectively and achieve lasting well-being.

Freedom means being yourself without the constraints of external rules or self-imposed boundaries. Success, happiness, and abundance are within reach. Jana Antoni is here to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your deepest desires, guiding you to a more balanced, fulfilling, and joyful life.

If you struggle with...

It helps you to...

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Procrastination

  • Hesitation

  • Fear of Success

  • Fear of Failure

  • Self-Doubt

  • Self-Loathing

  • Imposter Syndrom

  • Fear of Rejection

  • Overwhelm

  • Lower Self-esteem

  • Reprogram your brain

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem

  • Manage your emotional stability

  • Unstuck and redefine your identity

  • Overcome fears and manage stress

  • Maintain your energy level on a daily basis

  • Boost motivation and joy in your life

  • Find a professional and personal balance

  • Reconnect to your body-mind-spirit

  • Find your inner peace and purpose

  • Improve your relationships

Endorsed by ...

Trusted by

● Be the master of your emotions

● shift the beliefs that help you go further faster, believe in yourself, in your power, and stay determined

● boost your self-esteem/confidence so you can reach faster your goals







Break Free!

7 Tips to Conquer Negative Thoughts and Practice Self-Love

Who I work with:

Who I don't work with:

  • Passionate individuals who throw themselves wholeheartedly into what they love, whether in relationships, careers, or hobbies.

  • High achievers ready to make changes and take charge of their growth.

  • People who are not afraid to take ownership of their progress.

  • Individuals committed to doing the work needed for their transformation.

  • Those willing to step out of their comfort zones to achieve their goals.

  • People who aim to create positive change, love, and respect for others and the planet.

  • Dedicated individuals who are fully engaged in their work and personal growth.

  • Open-minded people who are ready to embrace new ideas and perspectives.

  • People who are unsure or only slightly interested in making changes.

  • Individuals not willing to put in more effort than me at their personal growth.

  • People who frequently complain or blame others for their situation.

  • Anyone who isn’t ready to engage fully in each coaching session.

  • People skeptical about expressing or exploring their emotions.

Meet Jana Antoni,

A Certified Neuroencoding Specialist and Brain Trainer

Many of people struggle with their daily life, overwhelmed with their emotions, feeling not fulfilled in the work, in the family, feeling not understood by their closest family and friend. They ask themselves if this life filled with the same old routine is all? They tell themselves“ I am stuck and don’t know how to break the rabbit hole circle. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. In fact, reading this tells me you’re closer than you may think to your version of a “happily ever after."

I’m Jana Antoni, Life Coach, Neuroencoding specialist and Brain Health Trainer. I help women recover from the past and reconnect to themselves and their life meaning. Often this happens after a time of intense stress, significant changes or stuck a long period in a daily routine where they lost their “inner peace”. The joy has gone out of the life and the “when will this be over” has set in.

We all want freedom and by that, I mean the ability to be yourself without the constraints of rules set by others or boundaries we set to ourselves to please or feel loved by others.

I’m often brought into a life of people when they struggle with emotions such anxiety, worry, fear and depression. And truth be told, when your life is defined by your not really good managed emotions, you definitely have a challenge. We all have several personalities, several voices in our head. Just remember that the loudest person in your head does not mean the smartest one you should listen to.


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